Extension - DMG Programmer 3D - V3 / V4

Extension - DMG Programmer 3D - V3 / V4

The DMG Programmer 3D - V3 / V4 are no longer available. An extension to Programmer V5.1 is possible at any time.
For this purpose the workpiece projects are exported from the DMG Programmer 3D - V3 / V4 and imported into version V5.1.

What are the advantages of the program generation V5.1?
   ● Runs under operating systems Windows 7 and Windows 10
   ● Customizing the user interface
   ● Comprehensive planning designer display for multi-channel processing
   ● Extensibility of the 3D tool library with its own tool cutting
   ● Exportability of the operation plan and the workpiece setup sheet to Excel
Improved machine room simulation V5.1
   ● More precise representation of the machined workpiece surface
   ● Improved performance of chip removal simulation
   ● Simultaneous chip removal during milling
   ● Additional simulation of the cycles TURN, REPEAT, CYCLE82, CYCLE85
   ● Project history with additional display for further conditions
   ● Display the main / subprogram names in the simulation
   ● 3D blanks (prismatic, rotationally symmetrical) can be imported into the simulation in the STL format
   ● Current workpieces from the simulation can be generated as 3D parts in the STL format for new projects
   ● Gaps can be measured in three dimensions.
   ● The NC block run times can be displayed as an EXCEL table


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Adjustment of optimized NC programs with the associated original NC programs of a Programmer V5 project

Generating NC program from texts

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