Programmer V5.1 for DMG MORI


This is a multi-channel programming system for turning / milling machines with 3D machine room simulation.



You create NC programs on the basis of an NC editor with machine macros and an integrated 2.5D CAD / CAM system.
Templates are stored for different types of processing (bar / chuck ...).
Program structures are generated automatically.
The 3D machine space simulation shows the real machining process simultaneously.
The actual implementation of the NC program is simulated.
In the event of a collision, the relevant machine components and the associated NC blocks are displayed.


What are the extensions of the V5.1 programmer?

Project history and additional windows for further machine conditions
Main and subprogram names are displayed in the simulation
3D blank (prismatic, rotationally symmetrical) is to be read in the STL format into the simulation
The current workpiece is to be generated from the simulation as a 3D blank in the STL format
Gaps can be measured in three dimensions
NC block run times can be displayed as an EXCEL table
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DMG MORI Sprint 50/65 3T

Delivery times of further machines on request

Easier and faster NC programming through the DMG MORI technology cycles

Import 3D tool components / images and 3D lunettes / components in STL format

2D / 3D CAD data import DXF-STEP-IGES

Adjustment of optimized NC programs with the associated original NC programs of a Programmer V5 project

Generating NC program from texts

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