Machine 2-channels, 1 revolver, 1 milling spindle

  •     Reduction of set-up time by up to 50%
  •     Avoiding collisions - checking the NC program in advance in the 3D machine room simulation
  •     Ready-to-use - complete package ready for immediate use
  •     No complex and expensive postprocessors
  •     Connection to other/existing CAM systems possible
  •     Automatic creation of the structure programming
  •     Piece time calculation at head pressure
  •     Programming using DMG MORI technology cycles
  •     CAD data import DXF-STEP-IGES
  •     Import of 3D tool holders / components





   ● You can copy or re-create workpieces.

   ● When creating the operation plan, the work sequences are defined.

   ● Work sequences are created with tools, tool changes and machining levels.

   ● Workpiece contours are to be imported into the 2 / 3D CAD data format DXF-STEP-IGES (option).

   ● You can program workpieces with a 2.5D CAD / CAM system and machining macros.

   ● It is also possible to create / optimize the NC programs manually.

   ● You can transfer NC programs from external CAD / CAM systems via the clipboard.

   ● Program templates (templates) for various processing types (bar-, feed-processing ...) are stored.

   ● The required program structures are generated automatically.

   ● Our Plandesigner shows you clearly the multi-channel processing.

   ● You can extend your 3D tool library with your own tool trims.

   ● Our programmer automatically generates workpiece setup sheets.

   ● You can export the operation plan and the workpiece setup sheet to Excel.


3D machine space simulation V5.1

   ● The NC programs are simulated on the 3D machine model with blank, clamping device and 3D tools.

   ● Machining on the blank is shown in the same way as in the real machine.

   ● Parallel to the simulation, the NC programs are displayed with technology and axis data.

   ● In the event of a collision, our programmer marks the affected components and NC blocks.

   ● Project history and additional windows for further machine conditions can be retrofitted.

   ● Main / subprogram names are displayed in the simulation.

   ● The 3D blank (prismatic, rotationally symmetrical) can be imported into the simulation in the STL format.

   ● For a new project, the simulation generates the current workpiece as a 3D blank in the STL format.

   ● The distances are measured three-dimensionally.

   ● The NC block run times can be output as an EXCEL table.




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