Programmer BASIC NC Editor


NC Editor - comfortable and inexpensive turning, milling and drilling


It can be used to search and replace, copy and delete all the usual functions. 

In addition, Programmer BASIC Editor contains automatic numbering and easy renumbering of individual blocks or entire NC program files.

Standard formats for Siemens-, Fanuc-, Heidenhain-controls are already stored.

Existing and newly created NC programs can be checked for collision with the NC simulation function.

CAD-like functions can be used to create auxiliary lines, all common functions such as circles and lines etc. are available.

A contour is then generated from the auxiliary construction, which in turn is formatted in DIN-ISO or Heidenhain format Turning / Milling is converted into NC blocks.

Useful functions such as free- and free-standing are already available. Via the module CAD interfaces DXF / STEP / IGES (option) the contours can be imported and modified from drawings.

With the help of the macroprogramming it is possible to perform special processing cycles such as (CYCLE81.., CYCLE83.., CYCLE84.., CYCLE95..) and Self-created macros for recurrent program parts.

Many macros already exist. Further macros can be easily created according to your instructions.

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