Programmer BASIC option CAM

All 2.5D rotary & milling contours can be comfortably machined.
Each processing operation is divided into individual work steps. The individual work steps can be changed, deleted or moved.
During the machining operations and work steps, there is a possibility to simulate forward and backward with parallel NC code representation.
Processing cycles such as (CYCLE81.., CYCLE83..., CYCLE84.., G71.., CYCLE95 and specially created macros) can be integrated directly .
The graphic tool management is displayed in 3D view.
In the turning operations, free cuts, indentations and contour parts can be masked out as required.
There is also the possibility to set a grinding stock allowance in the X and Z directions.
All common machining options, such as roughing / finishing, outposts, free cuts are possible taking into account the tool geometry. In addition there is the possibility to edit specific contours using the mouse or keyboard with the function "teach in turning".
The machining operations are simulated by displaying the blank, the tool shape and the workpiece remaining surface.
For the milling operations, 2.5 D contours for the planes G17, 18, 19 (also on the sheaths or faces) bags with / without island detection possible.
The pockets are automatically trimmed and can be pre-milled or finish-milled with separate cutters.
In addition, there is the option with the function "Teach in milling" with coordinate input via mouse or keyboard to edit special contours.
The tool feed can be linear or helical.


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